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We produce high-quality 3D renders of your furniture that really show off the products. That means that your customers can see full catalog of real textures, fabrics, all the different colour variations, patterns, shapes and angles. 


We create lifestyle where all little details are accurately worked: stylism, light, texture and reflections.                                Lifestyle images are a powerful tool to communicate your brand concept They capture a particular ambiance and let customers dive into your universe.


We pay attention to the texture carefully working different details such as piping, buttons, stitching, studs, everything to make the images even more beautiful. CGI is a brilliant way to maximize your products potential by revealing and showcasing their best features. Zoom options like close-ups or crops allow to provide customers with details about your products. Moreover, thanks to different angles and lighting close-ups and crops enable to highlight products’ visual appeal and quality.

technical drawing

We know that what a customer is looking for while shopping furniture is to be sure that a sofa fits the sizes of a room. To give this comfort to your customer we provide technical drawings fo even more information about the product and a better visualization.